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Upload and install in the usual way using the Joomla installer.


The component is very simple and easy to use. To create a jigsaw puzzle, create a new menu item through the Joomla! menu system, giving it type 'com_jigsaw->default layout". You can set the options for the puzzle using the component parameters (shown above).

To add your own images, create an images folder, and upload them, either using the Joomla! media manager, or ftp. Then set the Images Folder parameter to your folder path. So for example if you were to upload the images to a subdirectory of the stories folder called mypuzzlefolder, your folder path would be images/stories/mypuzzlefolder.

There are a range of layout options available, you set these using the layout size parameter.

The available component parameters are:-


The page title.


This is some text that will appear on the page above the puzzle.

Images Folder

The path to the folder where the images are stored. This must be relative to the root folder of your site.


The number of rows and columns to create. The component automatically adjusts the row and column display to allow for whether the picture is landscape or portrait in orientation, so it does not matter in which order you specify these.

For example if you specify '3' and '6' as the numbers here, if you have a picture that is wider than it is high (landscape), the display will be 3 rows by 6 columns, whereas a picture that is higher than it is wide (portrait) will result in a display of 3 columns and 6 rows.

Text For Button

The text that will be displayed on the button. You need to keep this fairly short.

Layout Size

The size of the puzzle. Use this to select a size convenient for your page.

Multiple Pages

You can have as many jigsaw pages as you wish, and set the parameters for these individually, so for example they can read images from different folders.