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This extension is designed to make it easy to submit reviews for your Virtuemart products to Google Shopping. You can buy the extension here.

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General information on submitting a review feed is described here:


Install as normal using the Joomla! installer

Basic Setup

Once you have installed the extension, you should see it listed in the components in the Joomla admin (see screenshot). Click on Components->GProduct Review->Feeds, to bring up the Feeds page (see screenshot).

Click the 'new' button to create a feed. Firstly give it a title, this will not be included in the feed but is internal to your site, so you can choose a name that is useful for you, eg 'Product Reviews April to August 2016' (see screenshot).

Now click the Feed Options tab to set up some options (see screenshot). The only option that you do need to set is the publisher name, which is normally the name of your store. You can also provide URL the icon of your store if you wish. Click the save and close button. You now have a feed the you can submit to Google, you can download it using the download button, or view it in your web browser using the feed URL.

If your store does not have a large number of reviews you would probably do well to stick with the basic setup, and submit a full review feed to Google periodically, as we have seen it is very simple.

Incremental Reviews

If your site has a large number of reviews, you may wish to submit an incremental review instead, by choosing the Product Reviews Update Feed feed type when submitting it to Google. We have made this easy to do by allowing you to choose the start date and end date for including the reviews in the feed in the feed options (see screenshot).

You can also choose to include deleted reviews in the incremental feed, there is an option for this.

Handling Spam and Deleted Reviews

The feed allows you to mark reviews as spam, or as deleted. To do this, click the "Spam" option on the component menu, then the "New" button. You will see the options available for marking a review as spam or deleting it (see screenshot).

Firstly you need to select the review, clicking the "Select" button, this opens up a window which allows you to browse for the review (see screenshot). Click the review title to select it.

You can mark it as spam by selecting "yes" for the "is spam" option.

The "is deleted" option requires a little more explanation. If you select yes for this option, the review will be treated as deleted for the purposes of the feed, however you can also choose for it to be actually deleted from the Virtuemart database tables if you like, or to be unpublished in the Virtuemart table. To do this you need to open the global options for the GPR Feed extension, which are accessed by clicking the Options button on the right hand side of the screen when you are in the Feeds or the Spam list view. This opens the global configuration options (see screenshot), you can choose the action that you would like to take when a review is marked as deleted using the delete handling option. You can also set some other global options here, such as your publisher name, which will then be automatically used in any feeds that you create.

 If you are submitting an incremental review then it is better to handle deleted reviews this way, rather than just deleting them from the Virtuemart reviews yourself, because this way you have a record of which reviews are deleted which you can submit to Google. Once you have submitted the list of the deleted reviews to Google, you can delete them from the spam list, if you want to stop them from repeatedly showing up in the deleted reviews list.


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