Virtuemart Special Product Documentation Print


You can install as usual using the Joomla installer.

Unpack the zip file first. There are two installation packages contained in the archive, the component package and the module package. You can install the component by itself, but the module requires the component to be installed as well. These installation packages can be uploaded using the Joomla installer.


You can use the extension either as a component or a module. To use it as a component, create a new menu item using the Joomla menu manager, and choose the type 'special product'. You can then set the options for your gallery using the component parameters.

To use it as a module you create a new module using the Joomla module manager. Then you can set the options for your gallery using the module parameters. You must have the component installed as well in order for the module to function properly. You can have as many instances of the module per page as you wish.

The parameters for the module and for the component are the same except for one item, the 'Use Request Category'.This option is available for the module only, and allows products to be filtered by the current category when the product category browse page or product flypage is being viewed.

The main difference in function is that with the component the gallery appears as a separate menu item, while with the module it appears in one of the module positions as an addition to the main page content.



The component and module parameters are illustrated above.