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*****Now compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6*******

An example of the featured items carousel module, showing the click scroller layout.

This highly versatile module allows you to feature articles picked by id, by section or by category. The module displays a thumbnail plus an extract from the text with a link to the article for each item. The scroller can respond to mouse-click or mouseover events. They can be horizontal or vertical. There is a choice of colour schemes. Also the module can use GD graphics for improved thumbnail quality.

The articles can be selected either from the Joomla core content component, or the Mighty Extensions Resources component.

The module can display as many articles as you want, and you can control the number of items visible in the carousel window, as well as the display size of an individual item.

Additional features:-

  1. The entire article intro text can be displayed, with all html tags, or just an extract.
  2. The module  supports content plugins.
  3. Also as well as pre-selected categories the module can display articles from the current category or section. This is a powerful feature that now means that you can do things like display random articles, or the latest articles from the category currently being viewed.
  4. The module can cache resized images for improved efficiency
  5. There is an optional auto-scroll feature

*****Now compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6*******


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K2 Integration

The module now includes support for K2 as the content source. It can display text taken from the K2 intro text, and images taken from the K2 image field or embedded in the text.


Mighty Extensions Resources Integration

The module  features integration with Mighty Extensions Resources. It can display text taken from the text, textarea and html field types, and thumbnails taken from the image or picture field types, as well as images embedded in html fields.


Social Integration


The module also includes integration with K2 Users, Community Builder, Mighty Extensions Touch and JomSocial. It can be used to display articles by the profiled user whenever a user profile is viewed.

It can display as many articles as you want, by editing the module parameters. The 'count' parameter controls the total number of articles displayed, while the 'visible count' parameter controls the number actually visible at one time through the carousel window.