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Version 3.10.0 of our AmazonWS content plugin, and version 1.7.0 of our Amazon Shopping Cart introduce support for Amazon power searches for books. These searches allow you to make complex searches by author, subject, publication date and isbn among other criteria. Power searches are described in detail in the Amazon documentation here:

They have been supported in the plugin shortcode in a straightforward manner, you simply need to use the "power" keyword, eg

{amazonWS: power=subject:history and (spain or mexico) and not military and language:spanish}


{amazonWS: power=author:Davenport and pubdate:during 2006}

These show how to use the examples described here:

You should not url encode the search terms, this will be done by the plugin when it creates the request.

The other thing to note is that power searches are only available for the books search index, so it will automatically be set to "books" if you use the power keyword in the shortcode.


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