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I got this message:

Filenames with special characters are not supported:
These characters are not allowed: &, /, :, =, ?]]>
Virtuemart Extensions Support Questions Tue, 11 Feb 2014 19:35:54 +0000
Removing/changing display options inline - by: emills01 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2073-removing-changing-display-options-inline#2656 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2073-removing-changing-display-options-inline#2656
I have an instance where I don't want to display the Author or even the cover image, just the price and the Buy link. Is there an inline parameter to disable these?

Also, is there an inline parameter to change the Buy link from the yellow and blue button to just plain text?]]>
Amazon Support Questions Tue, 11 Feb 2014 05:12:10 +0000
Paid downloads link missing - by: Neil http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2072-paid-downloads-link-missing#2655 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2072-paid-downloads-link-missing#2655
I purchased your paid downloads for VM, order No e23c02472 a few days ago.

I was able to follow your documentation and have it installed and the custom field created and assigned to my product. However, when you go and buy the product, there is no download link in the confirmation email, or if you view the order online.

Where am I going wrong please?


Virtuemart Extensions Support Questions Sat, 08 Feb 2014 19:36:56 +0000
Amazon Virtuemart Integration - by: sarena@micrtonerintl.com http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2071-amazon-virtuemart-integration#2649 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2071-amazon-virtuemart-integration#2649 Amazon Support Questions Wed, 05 Feb 2014 18:00:56 +0000 Is it possible to display "format" - by: emills01 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2070-is-it-possible-to-display-format#2646 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2070-is-it-possible-to-display-format#2646
Also for the CDs and vinyl I am listing, the Author field in the plugin listing is blank. Is it possible to either change that to the artist or eliminate it?]]>
Amazon Support Questions Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:51:19 +0000
Prices are incorrect - by: emills01 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2069-prices-are-incorrect#2645 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2069-prices-are-incorrect#2645
The item is correct (going by the title and the thumbnail and other fields - they match what is on the product page I'm looking at on Amazon's site) but the prices aren't. It looks like the prices coming up in the plugin are list prices, possibly. But Amazon's page doesn't show a strikeout or any other indication that the price is temporarily lower.

I have a test page with 4 items and all of the prices are wrong. I am comparing the "Amazon Price" with "Price" on Amazon's page (not third party or offers).]]>
Amazon Support Questions Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:47:39 +0000
Cannot find Joomla XML setup file - by: emills01 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2068-cannot-find-joomla-xml-setup-file#2642 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2068-cannot-find-joomla-xml-setup-file#2642
JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file

Not sure what might be wrong...any idea?]]>
Amazon Support Questions Tue, 04 Feb 2014 23:32:26 +0000
Don't see the component of Google Base XML - by: rotgruenblau http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2067-don-t-see-the-component-of-google-base-xml#2638 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2067-don-t-see-the-component-of-google-base-xml#2638
just tried to install the GoogleBaseXML-component to J. 2.5.17 and VM2.0.21. - after installing the component, VM ist AUTOMATICALLY updated to 0.26, but i don't see the component in Joomla. Where's the problem here?

I'm rellay irritated, that a component for virtuemart seems to update the system. I dislike, because at the moment I can't upgrade because of several changes in checkout in VM, which will destroy my checkout.

Hope, anyone has a solution for my problem.

Kind regards

Virtuemart Extensions Support Questions Sat, 01 Feb 2014 12:10:34 +0000
Menu script - by: KG60 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/10-any-other-support-questions/2065-menu-script#2627 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/10-any-other-support-questions/2065-menu-script#2627
I have found the actual .js file but no linked files and I'm unable to work out how to get it working correctly with a non Joomla site.

The site I found your script on is www.apsinnovations.com.au/]]>
Any other support questions Wed, 29 Jan 2014 09:25:27 +0000
No images shown - by: marscom http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/5-featured-items-extensions/2064-no-images-shown#2626 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/5-featured-items-extensions/2064-no-images-shown#2626 just installed the module on a J 3.2 site. The texts are displaying correctly; but absolutely no chance to show images. I checked your tips on the FAQ page; paths, names, everything ok. The images will display on the regular content pages. Actually, the site runs on a local server on MAMP. GD is enabled.
Strange enough, I haven't any /items/ folder in tmpl. No assets, no css, nothing. I downloaded the module twice to check if there was anything missing with the first installation. But everything seems ok. No clue, why the images won't show. Help needed ...
Featured Items Extensions Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:46:25 +0000
Not working in Joomla 3.2 - by: Rayvenhaus http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2063-not-working-in-joomla-3-2#2615 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2063-not-working-in-joomla-3-2#2615
Created an article and placed this code in it: {amazonWS:ItemId=0895949040}

Debug is on

No error message, no output. Example link: www.sanctuaryhq.com/en/pocket-guide]]>
Amazon Support Questions Sun, 26 Jan 2014 02:20:15 +0000
Product snapshot problem with unpublished products - by: MarioP http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2062-product-snapshot-problem-with-unpublished-products#2600 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2062-product-snapshot-problem-with-unpublished-products#2600 When I unpublish the VM product, the image, price and description disappear but 'Product details' text is still displaying (attachment.jpg).The same with the product border :( They are visible despite unpublishing the product in VM configuration. Please help!]]> Virtuemart Extensions Support Questions Fri, 24 Jan 2014 11:02:33 +0000 AmazonWS suddenly stops - error contacting amazon - by: landairsea http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2061-amazonws-suddenly-stops-error-contacting-amazon#2590 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/7-amazon-support-questions/2061-amazonws-suddenly-stops-error-contacting-amazon#2590
This plugin works great, however it suddenly stops working. I've checked that the amazon associate account is still active and has the proper domain and associate ID. Thanks!

here is the related website: www.landairsea.com/gps-tracker/gps-tracking-silvercloud

Scroll to the bottom just underneath the Made in USA flag is where the amazonws supposed to publish the amazon product reviews related to ASIN

Amazon Support Questions Wed, 22 Jan 2014 21:28:08 +0000
VM2 Product Snapshot For Virtuemart error - by: swsolid http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2060-vm2-product-snapshot-for-virtuemart-error#2585 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2060-vm2-product-snapshot-for-virtuemart-error#2585 When I put the parameter "{product id=1}" in an article in joomla I get the product, but also this error:
"Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\xampp\htdocs\plugins\content\vm2productsnapshot\vm2productsnapshot.php on line 217"

How so? How can I fix?
I tried to change the parameters in the panel of the plugin but to no avail.

Another thing. How do i display the information in horizontal?
Thanks to all

Using Joomla 2.5.17
Virtuemart 2.0.26d
Site: I'm trying to localhost]]>
Free Extensions Support Questions Wed, 22 Jan 2014 17:27:19 +0000
Master user not working in 3.2.1? - by: fatica http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2059-master-user-not-working-in-3-2-1#2580 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2059-master-user-not-working-in-3-2-1#2580
No errors are displayed or logged aside from the user message above.

The plugin settings haven't changed, so I suspect this is a problem/incompatibility with 3.2.1 and the recent changes to the password system there. We have verified we have the latest version as well.

Is this plugin known to work in 3.2.1 and if not, are there plans to update it?

Thanks again for the awesome (free!) plugin.]]>
Free Extensions Support Questions Tue, 21 Jan 2014 16:43:15 +0000
Jgueryqery VM2 Product Snapshot Pro For Virtuemart - by: Mike http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2058-jgueryqery-vm2-product-snapshot-pro-for-virtuemart#2579 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/6-virtuemart-extensions-support-questions/2058-jgueryqery-vm2-product-snapshot-pro-for-virtuemart#2579
JUst started testing your VM2 Product Snapshot Pro For Virtuemart which is a great concept and idea.

Am pulling an error which I assume to be a JQuery conflict.

The Yootheme top menu is folwed up and won't remain down when on a page that contains the VM2 Product Snapshot plugin.

Have you got any possible work arounds for this?

I'll send you through the URL.


Virtuemart Extensions Support Questions Tue, 21 Jan 2014 08:27:23 +0000
Master User in Joomla 3.2.1 - by: hesteras http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2057-master-user-in-joomla-3-2-1#2577 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2057-master-user-in-joomla-3-2-1#2577 PHPass. This breaks the master user plugin for new users or when a user is saved/updated.

The following plugin modifications seem (I'm not an expert php programmer by any means, but I know enough to get by :) ) to account for the new hash as well as providing a fallback for users that still have the old hash:salt passwords:

Also, it seems as though phpass may be added to 2.5.x as well.

Anyway, I thought I would share and thanks for the plugin!]]>
Free Extensions Support Questions Thu, 09 Jan 2014 18:13:31 +0000
Master User supporting joomla 3.2 ? - by: canadareic http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2055-master-user-supporting-joomla-3-2#2573 http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/Forum/9-free-extensions-support-questions/2055-master-user-supporting-joomla-3-2#2573
Recently we upgraded joomla to 3.2 and since then Master user is not working.

Any ETA to fix this issue? Thank you very much]]>
Free Extensions Support Questions Fri, 03 Jan 2014 20:25:14 +0000