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Friday, 09 April 2010 12:03

We have introduced some important updates to our Amazon Web Services content plugin for Joomla!. These changes are designed to make the plugin much easier and more convenient to use.

Previously the only way to render the plugin in your Joomla articles was by adding some code to embed the plugin. Now you can simply select the section, categories or articles for which you wish to render it through the plugin manager. The plugin will then conduct a keyword search of the Amazon site using your article metatags, and append the product information to your articles.

It could hardly be easier, and can be a great way to monetize your Joomla articles without any additional work.

Of course if you require the greater control that embedding code offers, including the ability to target specific Amazon products, you can still use this.

This update is available to all customers who have previously purchased the plugin.


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More On the Amazon Web Services Plugin

This content plugin allows you to embed product information and reviews and links from Amazon Web Services. The product link includes your Amazon associates id, the site administrator can also choose to allow authors to use their own associates id.

Much of the output is customizable. For example either the administrator or the author can choose whether to show the ratings and reviews. The plugin handles signed Amazon requests, and allows choice of Amazon country marketplace services.

You can specify products either by using an Amazon product id, or use a product keyword search, or a title and author search for books.

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