Mod Transition - Blend Print

This page show an example of a blend transition using the transitions module. The duration of the transition can be varied.

You can have multiple instances of the module, and assign them to different pages, and so have different transitions on different pages.

The effects available are: Blend, Box In, Box Out, Circle In, Circle In, Wipe Up,Wipe Down, Wipe Right, Wipe Left, Vertical Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Checkerboard Across, Checkerboard Down, Random Dissolve, Split Vertical In, Split Vertical Out, Split Horizontal In, Split Horizontal Out, Strips Left Down, Strips Left Up, Strips Right Down ,Strips Right Up, Random Bars, Horizontal Random Bars Vertical, Random.

The effects only work in Internet Explorer: they will have no effect on other web browsers.

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