Example Site for Spiral Scripts Extensions

Our Panel Slider Module displays your images in an attractive and unusual scrolling slideshow.

The display is customizable, you can fully set the dimensions of the display through the module parameters. Other options available include the panel colour (set through a handy colour picker), the panel opacity (set through a slider), the controller display, autostart options, and the duration of each slide.

You can view the display options available in the module admin here, and view the colour picker here.

The scroller responds to user actions: when the user hovers over an image the scrolling is temporarily suspended.

The slideshow can automatically integrate with our free Imgen component, to allow for dynamic resizing and watermarking of images, just select this option in the advanced options.

Panel Slider Module

The basic module requires no external extensions. Very easy to set up, you can upload your images using the Joomla uploader which is embedded in the module administration. Just add your images, captions and links as a series of slides and publish the module. You can have as many image slides as you want, and can easily add, delete or re-order them through the module admin. View an example of the administration here.

Additional Information

This module uses the Mootools javascript library distributed with Joomla  - it does not use Flash or require any additional javascript libraries.