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This article gives a quick start guide for our AmazonWS content plugin, and Amazon Shopping Cart for Joomla.

Before you start

You will need:-

  1. An affiliate tag for each Amazon country site that you want to show products from.
  2. AWS Access key and secret key for the Amazon product advertising API

Please read the links above, getting the correct keys is by far the hardest part of the setup and the thing that trips most users up, the rest of the setup is normally easy.


Install the zip package as normal using the Joomla installer.

Make sure that the following plugins are enabled (this should happen automatically on installation):

  • the AmazonWS content plugin
  • the AmazonWS API System Plugin
  • the Editors-Xtd Amazon Product plugin
  • the Amazon Ajax plugin

If you are using the shopping cart extension you may also find it useful to enable  the Content - Amazon Similar plugin. The other plugins can be ignored for now.


Find and open the AmazonWS API system plugin in the Joomla plugin manager.

  1. Select the Amazon country site that you are using
  2. Supply your affiliate tag (otherwise known as the Amazon Associate ID) which you got from your affiliate account.
  3. Copy and paste your AWS access key for the AWS Access Key ID option
  4. Copy and paste your AWS secret key for the AWS Secret Key ID option
  5. Save the settings


Now it is time to test if you have the setup correct. The easiest thing is to put some test short code in a Joomla article, just add it to the article text, for example



This will perform a search for cheese products. You can substitute something in your own language if this is appropriate. The important thing is that it must be a keyword that you can be sure will produce results, so keep it simple and obvious.

Save the article and view it in the front end. If you see products then congratulations, you have the setup correct. If not, then review any error message that you see, it should explain what is wrong. The most likely issue is with your keys or affiliate tag, so please review the links at the top of this article to make sure you have the correct keys and affiliate tag.

If you just see the plugin short code then either you have forgotten to enable the AmazonWS plugin, or you are trying to use it in an extension that does not support content plugins, or where you need to enable plugin support.

If this does not resolve the issue, please use our support forum to request help.

Displaying Products

Once you have the basic setup correct, you are ready to start displaying products. The following two links give more information on this:-