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  • Quick Start: How to Sell Cloud Files as Virtuemart Products

    This article gives you a quick start guide on how to use our extensions AS3 Cloud File Manager, and Spiral Download for Virtuemart to sell cloud files hosted on Amazon S3 or Dropbox as Virtuemart Products.

    1. Install both extensions using the Joomla installer. Enable the Spiral Download plugin.
    2. Connect AS3 Cloud File Manager to Dropbox or Amazon S3 using the instructions here.
    3. Create a category in AS3 Manager, eg call it "Downloads".
    4. Create a download package, add some files to it.
    5. In the Virtuemart admin, create a new custom field, call it "download" or similar, make it of type "plugin" and select the Spiral Download plugin.
    6. Still in Virtuemart, create your product, on the custom fields tab add a field of the "download" type that you just created. Select the download package that you created in the AS3 Manager in the field options. Save the product.

    You can read more detailed instructions for setting up the download field here.