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This article explains how to display product sale prices in our GooglebaseXML shopping feed for Virtuemart.

If you have discounts on your products then Google allows you to include the optional attributes g:sale_price and g:sale_price_effective date.

It is actually very simple to supply these in your feed. The feed will automatically pick up on the fact that there is a sale price for any products that you have set a discount for. It will supply the sales price in the feed using the g:sale_price tag.  The only thing that you need to be careful about is that you must set a start and end date for the sale or discount. You can do this in the price setting in the Virtuemart product editor [view screenshot]. If you are running a generic sale then you can set a start and end date in the tax and calculation rule [view screenshot].

If you don't set the start and end date then the feed will still detect the correct sale price, but it will supply this in the feed using normal g:price tag, to conform to Google's feed specification.

Google always ask for a start and end date for any sale price, if you do not provide these, then it just regards this as the normal price. We think that the point of the rule is that Google do not want stores to advertise that something is on sale, when actually it is selling for the normal price. So it asks for the start and end date.