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Often the hardest part of using an extension is getting the initial installation and setup right. To help our customers with this, for some of our products we can offer an optional installation and basic setup option. This service is particularly recommended for our GooglebaseXML Shopping Feed, and our Amazon Extensions. It is not essential, we make sure that all the information that you need to do this yourself is available online, but if your time is valuable you may find that it is easier and quicker to have us do this for you.

You can buy the installation service as an optional extra at the time that you buy the extension. If you have already bought the extension and decide later that you want the installation service in addition, please contact us.

Some things to note:-

  1. This service does not include creating your site for you, that is still up to you (or your developer), what we can do is to install and configure the extension, and create a few example items so that you can see how it is done.
  2. The installation service (at the moment) applies to a single site only, we are considering how this might be extended to multiple sites. If multiple site installation is something that you might need, please contact us to discuss this
  3. In order to install the extension we will need a super-administrator login for your site. You are recommended to create a temporary admin account for this, and send us the credentials once you have made contact with us.
  4. The installation option will undertaken within three months of your purchase. If this cannot be accomplished because we are unavailable to carry this out we will refund the installation cost.
  5. We will normally expect to undertake the installation much more quickly than this, normally within two business days. If it is urgent you can try contacting us through our Facebook page: . Please bear in mind that we may be in a different time zone to you so cannot always respond straight away.
  6. You are expected to make reasonable steps to contact us with the necessary login details for your site. The best way to do this is to reply to the email address you received your order invoice from.

 Amazon Extensions

 We can install and configure the extension, and add some example products so that you can see how it is done.

As well as an administrator login we will also need your Amazon credentials (please read the 'before you start' section here: ) :-

  • Your Associates Tag for the Amazon site that you want to show products from
  • Your access key/secret key pair for the Amazon Product Advertising API

We need to know which Amazon site you are wanting to show products from. In addition some basic information about your site would be helpful. For example if you are mainly wanting to display history books we can set up some examples from that category.

GooglebaseXML Shopping Feed

We will need an administrator login. We will install the extension and create some example feeds, and offer some advice about additional information that you might want to include in the feed when you submit it to Google.

We can, as an alternative, also offer a  complete feed submission service, in which we can work more intensively on your site to create a complete set of feeds for your site, and submit them to Google for you. Please read more about this here: .