We specialise in professional extensions for the Joomla!®** Content Management System. We have a variety of professional components, modules and plugins, also some products available for free download. These are simplified versions of the commercial products, but fully working. All our extensions are open-source.

Our customers include professional web designers and developers creating websites for their clients, as well as webmasters and website owners looking for well-designed extensions that will add something extra to their site.

About Our Joomla!®** Extensions

We offer a variety of extensions designed to work with the Virtuemart e-commerce system. Read more here: https://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/virtuemart-extensions.html .

We also offer several extensions designed to work with the Amazon product advertising API and Amazon Web Services: https://www.spiralscripts.co.uk/amazon-extensions.html . For example:-

Amazon Web Services Content Plugin

This plugin allows you to embed product information and a buy now link from Amazon directly into your Joomla!® article. The plugin can search Amazon using keywords related to your articles, to find the most suitable product. Your Amazon associates id can be embedded into the links, giving you a great way to monetize your Joomla!® articles.

 Other extensions include:-

Com jigsaw

A Flash puzzle game component. It displays your images in a selected folder as a jigsaw puzzle. Great for websites aimed at children, but also surprisingly popular with adults too.

Random MP3 Pro

An MP3 player module that playes a random selection of mp3s from a specified folder. This popular module has often been used to simulate online radio. The player can also be used as a content plugin, allowing it to be embedded directly into Joomla!® content articles - great for podcasting and similar applications.

Mod Mail This Page

This allows a site visitor to mail the URL of the current page to a friend - a great viral marketing tool.



**The Joomla!® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. Inspiration Web Design is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.