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Random MP3 Pro

module by Inspiration

Random MP3 Player PRO

A module extension for the Joomla CMS. It plays a random list of mp3s using the Flash media player.

You can change the folder used for the mp3s by changing the module parameters in the module manager, also you can choose the number of mp3s selected - the default is 5. You can use the Joomla images folder to store the mp3s, and use the media manager to upload them.

This is the pro version of the free random mp3 module. It includes 3 additonal skins, and also displays id3 information about the song title, artist and album.

As well as working as a module this player can now be used as a content plugin, allowing it to be embedded directly into a Joomla article (see the content plugin example).

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MP3 player
MP3 player - black
MP3 player - blue