Submitting a product feed for your Virtuemart store to Google Shopping can be a time-consuming experience, even with the benefit of our dedicated shopping feed extension, GooglebaseXML. If you are a busy store owner you probably don't want to be spending your time doing this. We can now save your time by offering the benefit of our experience to provide a complete feed submission service. We will set up your feed for you, and either submit it to Google shopping for you, or provide you with the feed for you to submit for yourself (your choice).

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Every store is unique, so please contact us for a custom quote. To give you an idea of the likely charges:-

The quoted cost includes the extension itself and the work involved in setting it up. When asking for a quote please provide as much information about your store as possible, that might be relevant. For example:-

Your store will need to be created with Virtuemart and Joomla. We can support Virtuemart versions 1.1x to the latest release (currently 3), and Joomla versions 1.5 to the latest release (currently 3.x). We can support multi-language and multi-currency sites, and product variants (known as child products in Virtuemart).

What you will need to provide

You will need to provide the data that the feed will use - obviously. If the required information is not already attached to your products it can be provided to us in spreadsheet form, which we will import directly into your database.

What We Will Need

Other Services

Some other shopping sites support product feeds in the Google Shopping format, we can also provide feeds for these sites. Please contact us for further information.

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