Master User Plugin Version:1.1.1

Now compatible with Joomla versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.

Optionally, this facility can be restricted to selected administrators only, or all administrators can be allowed to do this.

Since administrators use their own passwords, these are encrypted and stored securely in the database as normal, so this should not compromise the security of your site. Additionally, you can restrict the facility to selected IP addresses only.

This plugin works with the standard Joomla login and extensions that use this and will also work with Community Builder if the Login Field Type is set to ‘Username, email or enabled CMS authentication plugins’.


Upload and install using the Joomla installer. Enable it in the plugin manager. Either set the ‘enable all administrators’ parameters to yes, or list the ids of selected administrators as a comma-separated list in the ‘Master User Ids’ input box. If you wish to restrict by IP address, then list allowed IP addresses as a comma-separated list.

Once enabled, the administrator can log in as any registered user by using that user’s username and their own administrator password.

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