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I am having problems paying through Paypal

Payment problems usually arise when the billing name and address that you give us do not match the billing name and address on your credit card or Paypal account. If you are having problems please check the billing information. To do this, make sure that you are logged into your account then go to billing information . You can also find this by clicking on the account maintenance link, and clicking on account information.

If you are using someone else's credit card (with their permssion of course!), please make sure that the billing information matches their details. You will be able to set up a separate shipping name and address during the checkout process, which you can use to give your own details.


Sometimes customers get a message from Paypal saying "PayPal does not allow your country of residence to ship to the country you wish to" when they try to make a payment.

This seems to be because the country information with which you signed up to your account with us is not the same as that with which you registered your Paypal account, you need to make sure that these are the same. If you they are different, you can edit this by logging into this site, clicking on 'account maintenance' (above the logout button), and then 'account information'. You can edit your country from there. Then save your information, and then place your order again.

This is annoying for us as well as for you. If you have any difficulties please contact us, we will do our best to help and if necessary we can arrange alternative methods of payment.