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When I try to install the carousel module I get an error

This is due to the file size. The file is slightly over 2 megabytes, and the default upload limit for PHP is 2 megabytes.

To deal with this you need to change you PHP configuration. You need to put a file in the root folder of your site, called php.ini - you can create it with any text editor. This should include the line:-


This will increase the upload limit to 4 megabytes.

Alternatively you can remove some of the images from the archive (but don't remove the images folder), and upload them later.


Install By FTP


It is also very easy to install a module by ftp. Just unzip the archive and upload the module folder to your site /modules folder. Then in your Joomla admin go to the module manager. Click the 'new' button. The new module should be listed among the types, select it, which will create a new instance, then set the module parameters.