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Jigsaw Game for Joomla 3


We have a new release of Jigsaw, our Flash puzzle game for Joomla. Version 4.0.0 is now available, which is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3. This component allows you to turn your site images into a jigsaw puzzle, and is great fun for adults and children. It will load images from any site folder you specify, and automatically turn them into a puzzle.



  • The layout is completely flexible, it can be resized to any dimensions required, to fit into any site;
  • unlimited images can be displayed. The puzzle includes a timer, user time scores are uploaded to a database table and displayed;
  • social sharing buttons encourage users to advertise your site by posting the puzzle to their Twitter and Facebook accounts

You can buy the game here.

Existing customers who have bought the game in the last 12 months can update to the new version.