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New Release Version 4.2.0 of GooglebaseXML

We have a new release of our popular GooglebaseXML shopping feed extension for Joomla and Virtuemart. The latest release is version 4.2.0, and is fully compatible with the new release of Virtuemart 2.6, including support for the new product gtin and mpn fields. Other new features include:-


  • Adds support for the Google identifier exists tag
  • Includes option to use the product SKU as gtin
  • Improved discount calculation

The calculation of discounts is a perennial problem, because what you as a store owner may consider to be a discount is not necessarily what Google considers to be a discount. Google require both a start and end date for the discount, otherwise they consider it to be just a normal price. Because Virtuemart allow you to create a discount in three different ways it requires careful checking to see if a relevant start and end date exist.

However with this latest release we think we may have nailed the problem, it is definitely an improvement over the previous release. If you are having problems with the discount calculations we recommend that you upgrade.