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 Spiral Scripts Support Forum :: Amazon Web Services
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 Subject :Amazon plugin error.. 22-11-2010 20:48:48 
[email protected]
Joined: 22-11-2010 20:07:48
Posts: 1

I have just purchased you extension and get the following error when I try to use it on my site:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: hash_hmac() in /homepages/45/d197517075/htdocs/mathsis/plugins/content/amazonWS.php on line 413

What do I need do?

I have cURL enabled and I have entered my amazon associates id.

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 Subject :Re:Amazon plugin error.. 23-11-2010 11:00:55 
Spiral Scripts Support
Joined: 18-08-2009 10:14:13
Posts: 211
It looks like your version of PHP is less that 5.1.2, as the hmac function is not supported with versions before that.

Unfortunately it is essential in order to create the hashed signature which Amazon now requires, it no longer supports unsigned requests.

I think that the only way you can solve this is to upgrade your version of PHP. Some hosting providers will use PHP 4 by default but offer a way of upgrading to PHP 5 so I suggest looking into that.

If you are using PHP 4 at the moment I really would recommend that you do this anyway. While Joomla will normally run using PHP4 it is no longer officially supported, is much less secure, and you are likely to get other errors on your site too.
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