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New HTML Slideshow for Virtuemart 2

HTML 5 Slideshow for Virtuemart 2We are happy to release our new extension for Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2, catchily called VM2 HTML5 Slideshow. This module is designed to show images for your Virtuemart products in an attractive HTML5 slideshow.


The module is search engine friendly, because the caption content and the links are rendered on the page as ordinary html. The module features a variety of image transition effects. The image effects are rendered entirely through HTML5 (no Flash).


The module has a large number of customizable features, including whether or not to display the thumbnails, the orientation of the thumbnails (horizontal or vertical), the type of scroller used (click or mouseover), plus whether to auto-start the show on page load.



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The module can be used in a variety of ways:-


  • The module can show images from a single product only - useful on the product details page for showing product additional images;
  • Or the module can show a selection of products from chosen categories - useful on the product category page to highlight products;
  • Or the module can be used to display featured products on non-Virtuemart pages;




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Updates To Our Site

Our site has recently undergone a major update. We think this update will make it more convenient for our users, and will provide a big improvement in the long term.


However it will have a few implications in the short term. If you have ordered a product from us in the past you will find that your old download link no longer works. No need for concern though: you will still be able to access any downloads that you are entitled to by logging into your account and viewing the order. If you think that your order is missing please contact us - we will still have a record of it and will be able to reinstate it for you.

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Updates for GooglebaseXML

We have a new update for our GooglebaseXML component for Joomla and Virtuemart. This extension creates a product feed for your Virtuemart products which can be submitted to Google merchant centre.


The latest release of Virtuemart is 2.0.10, which was released last week. We have a new release, version 3.0.7, of our component, designed to work with this Virtuemart release.


How to Update

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New Extension Cobalt Featured Items

thumb horizontalOur latest extension is the module Cobalt Featured Items. This module for Joomla 2.5 is designed to work exclusively with Cobalt, the content construction kit by MintJoomla. It displays selected Cobalt fields in a variety of layouts, including default list, horizontal list, thumbnails, accordion, tab pane, rotator, and highlighter.


The layouts available are the same as for our Featured Items Pro module for Joomla, and you can see a demo of the layouts here. The module can create extracts from the article text, and thumbnails from the image and gallery fields, also from images embedded in html text, which are automatically resized as required.

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Featured Product Grid for Virtuemart 2

We have a new release of our Featured Product Grid Module for Virtuemart. For the first time this module is compatible with Virtuemart 2 and Joomla 2.5.

This module extension for Joomla and Virtuemart is an alternative to the Virtuemart featured products module. It can be used to show featured products, top ten products, recent products, or random products from some or all categories.

The module is particularly useful when you want to display additional images for your products, as these are shown in a slideshow.

The products can be filtered by selected categories, and can now products according to the current category when a category browse page or a product flypage is being viewed.


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