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This example uses the article meta keywords tags to run a keyword search of the Amazon database.This is a feature only available in the paid version of the plugin.

It is easier to use than the plugin embedding code, but offers less precise control of the output. With this type of search the only way to control the output is to change the options in the plugin manager, which will then apply as the default options for all plugin output.

Note that this example shows the content plugin being used in stand-alone mode. If you buy the plugin as part of the Amazon Shopping Cart Package, it will show an 'Add to Cart' button instead of the 'Buy Now Link'.

This search uses the keywords Joomla, programming. It displays the results using a collapsible accordion, to save space. The accordion is an option that is available with most of the layouts.

{amazonWS:searchIndex=Books;keywords=Joomla, programming;linkType=external;searchLayout=article;mode=simple}

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