Example Site for Spiral Scripts Extensions

This is an example of the Amazon content plugin (displayed below) for Joomla!, showing how you can add Amazon products to your site using some simple short code. Both the free and paid versions of the plugin work in a smilar manner: you can list products by Amazon Item Id, or as the results of Amazon product searches.

The additional options available in the paid version are:

  • search the Amazon database directly from the Joomla editor, using an editor button which automatically inserts the short code for you
  • show results from more than one country at the same time
  • embed single products or the results of Amazon searches
  • refine searches by search index, author, title, keywords, power searches for books
  • use tracking ids to check which links or authors are generating sales
  • a wider choice of layouts for the output
  • show reviews and rating
  • show Amazon attributes such as author, publisher, brand, artist, creator, actor etc
  • support included and bug fixes
  • updates for one year after purchase

Note that this example shows the content plugin being used in stand-alone mode. If you buy the plugin as part of the Amazon Shopping Cart Package, it will show an 'Add to Cart' button instead of the 'Buy Now Link'.

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The Code

This example shows how to list selected items using the Amazon item id. The output below is generated by using this embedding code:-



The Output



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