Example Site for Spiral Scripts Extensions

This is an example of a shop created using our Affiliate Window extension. Affiliate Window is an advertising network representing many of the largest UK, USA and Canadian businesses. If you publish a website in one of these countries the network is a great way to earn extra revenue for your site through affiliate advertising.

Our Affiliate Window extension offers an easy and flexible way to integrate the network into your Joomla site. It is easily customizable, and can be used in a variety of ways:-

  • You can create a complete shop, as in this example;
  • or list only products belonging to a particular category, such as jewellery, or electronics;
  • or list only products from a chosen retailer;
  • or embed individual products that you wish to feature in your Joomla articles.

The layout is very flexible, and you can choose to turn on or off individual parts of the display, including: the categories list; the featured merchants list; the popular searches tag cloud; or the search functions. Altnernatively these features can be displayed in separate Joomla module positions, allowing great control over the layout.

Search Engine Friendly

The extension creates nice, keyword-rich URLS derived from the category and product names. Even better, the Affiliate Window content plugin which is distributed as part of the package allows you to add product information directly into your Joomla articles, making it straightforward to include in your own unique content.

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