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Spider Brooch

An attractive brooch in a spider design.

Spider BroochSpider Brooch
This is an example of our image zoomer plugin

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This product shows an example of our image zoomer plugin for Virtuemart. It allows the customer to hover over parts of the image that they are interested in and see the magnifiied version of the image.

The image zoomer plugin has many options: you can customize the sizes of the large, medium and thumbnail images, as well as the size and position of the zoomer itself. The administrator can set it to work with the existing Virtuemart product images, or upload images specially to use with the zoomer if preferred. You can read more about the options here.

The image zoomer is a very flexible plugin. It is implemented as a Virtuemart custom field, and you can assign it to a normal Virtuemart custom field position, or it is very easy to modify the Virtuemart product template to show the zoomer instead of the standard product image.

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This is an example product from our example jewellery store. The store is designed to showcase our extensions for Joomla and Virtuemart. Please do not attempt to purchase any products, your order will not be fulfilled.


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