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Mod Random MP3 Pro Documentation

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This is the pro version of the random mp3 module. It includes 3 additonal skins, and also displays id3 information about the song title, artist and album.


Install the module using the Joomla installer. Upload your mp3 files to a folder on your site. Set the parameters for the module using the Joomla module manager.

Screenshot of module admin


The module's parameters are depicted in the screenshot above.


The number of mp3 files to play in the list. There is a natural limit to this. The total length of the list cannot be more than 1000 characters, so this will mean a limit of about 20 to 30 files depending on the length of the file names.

Player Height

The player height in pixels. Usually about 60 to 80 is good. The player width will adjust automatically.


The order to play the MP3s. At the moment there is only one choice - random!

MP3 Folder

The path to the folder where the mp3s are, relative to the root of your site. It is important that this is set correctly or the player will not work.


The skin to use. At present there are four skins available: black, blue, silver and default.

Auto Start Play

If this is set to 'yes' play will begin as soon as the player loads, if it is set to 'no' the first mp3 will load but playing will not start until the 'play' button is clicked.

Auto Replay

If this is set to 'yes', the play will continue in a loop once the end of the playlist has been reached. If it is set to 'no', the play will stop once the end of the list is reached.

Javascript enabled

Setting this to yes will cause the module to use javascript Flash detection, setting it to 'no' will cause the Flash player to be embedded directly in the html of the page.

Auto Popup

Setting this to 'yes' will cause the module to load into a popup when the page loads. However this is not really recommended because most popup blockers will prevent this, but if you know your site visitors don't use popup blockers then you may want to use this feature.


Using the Content Plugin


This plug-in embeds the random mp3 player into a content article. So far just the Joomla core content system is supported, but we hope to offer further integration in the future.

This plug-in requires the Random mp3 pro module to be installed as well.

To embed the player, use the following format:

with the parameters specified as a list separated by semi-colons (;)

All the parameters are optional, if none are specified the default values will be used. MP3s must be listed as a comma-separated list - if none are specified a random selection of mp3s will be selected from the folder, the number being equal to the 'count' parameter.