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Carousel With Image Fader

Carousel With Image Slider

This an example of the thumbnails layout with an image slider. The image can slide vertically or horizontally.

Carousel Default Layout

Featured Items Carousel

Articles Count Module

The articles count module (as the name suggests), counts the articles in your Joomla categories, and displays them in a list with a link to the category.

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The module comes with several configurable options, such as:-

  • choose whether to display blank categories
  • choose whether to count no access categories and articles
  • choose whether to count unpublished articles
  • choose whether to display cumulative totals of articles in descendant categories
  • pick exactly which categories to display

Optionally the module can use a collapsible tree to show the category structure, as shown below:-



However if you do not want this behaviour you can have a simple list of categories:-


GooglebaseXML Example

This component for the Joomla Content Management System generates a product data feed for your Virtuemart store in XML format. The product listing can be manually uploaded, or submitted as an URL to Google Merchant Center for scheduled upload. You can view an example feed for this site here.


 You can buy our feed component here.

Virtuemart Product Snapshot - Example Layouts

This content plugin for Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2 allows you to embed Virtuemart product information directly into a Joomla article.

The plugin comes in two forms: a free non-commercial plugin and a 'pro' version with extra layouts, the ability to display additional images for the product, and a more sophisticated add to cart button. Both versions allow you to display a product thumbnail with a link to a lightbox full size image. The pro version supports a choice of lightboxes: the Joomla modal lightbox; slimbox and JCE mediabox. With the pro version you can also specify the image sizes as parameters rather than being limited to the default Virtuemart thumbnail sizes.

Download the free version

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The product information is embedded into the article with some very simple embedding code, it can be as simple as the following:-

 {product id=51}

Most options can be set through adding additional parameters to the embedding code. All the output is controlled through templates (which can be overridden in your site template), making it easy to customize the layout as you require with some basic knowledge of html and css.

Default Layout


The default layout, available in both the free and pro versions of the plugin. This optionally shows an image thumbnail, the product name, short and/or long description, a link to the Virtuemart product page, the product price and an add-to-cart button. In the free version there is a simplified layout for the add to cart button. In the pro version you can also customize the image size.

Layout - Free Version

Mod Panel Slider

Mod_Panel_Slider_4f199450ac04d.jpgOur Panel Slider Module for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5/3 displays your images in an attractive and unusual scrolling slideshow.

Product Details


Default Layout - Pro Version

Mod Panel Slider

Our Panel Slider Module for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5/3 displays your images in an attractive and unusual scrolling slideshow.

Product Details

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Panel slider


Additional Layouts - Pro Version

The Pro version of the plugin includes additional layouts.

Thumbnails Layout

This layout shows the main product image, with the additional images as small thumbnails. All are linked to full size versions displayed in a lightbox.

Virtuemart 2 HTML5 Product Slideshow

This versatile module displays images for your Virtuemart 2 products in an attractive HTML5 slideshow.

Product Details

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VM2 HTML5 Slideshow

Version 1.0.2

Slideshow Layout

This layout displays the product additional images as a slideshow.

Mod Cobalt Featured Items

A module desgined exclusively for the Cobalt CCK. It displays selected Cobalt fields in a variety of layouts, including default list, horizontal list, thumbnails, accordion, tab pane, rotator, and highlighter.

Product Details

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Cobalt Featured Items

Lightbox Gallery

This layout shows a single image, but it is a link to a lightbox gallery showing all additional images.

Mod Featured Items Pro

Mod Featured Items Pro This module displays a short excerpt from articles in a selected category or section, or from a specified list of articles, with link and optional thumbnail image.

Product Details

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Featured Items Pro for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

Featured Items Pro for Joomla 1.5

Featured Items Slideshow - Transitions

Our Featured Items Slideshow module supports a variety of transition effects. You can select the transitions you would like to use in the module parameters, or allow a random selection of all transitions.

The effects are illustrated below. Note that you need a web browser that supports HTML 5 in order to see the effects.

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