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You can us multi-country features with our Amazon Content Plugin and our Amazon Shopping Cart (ASC) extension. This article explains how to do this.

Setting up the Amazon Extensions to show results from more than one country

You will need to sign up as an Amazon affiliate for each country that you want to serve results for, in order to be credited with any sales on that country site. There is more information here: .

However you will only need one set of access credentials for the Amazon Product Advertising API. If you have already got the extension working for a single country site then you already have these set up.


  1. It is best to get the extension working first for a single country: see more about this here. This is where customers will see results from by default if there is no other option available for their country.
  2. Once you have got the extension working for a single country, you add additional countries on the AmazonWS API plugin 'Additional Countries tab'. You just need to supply the associates id for each country site, and of course choose the country site that it applies to. You can supply more than one associates id for the same country by adding additional rows, the first one will always be treated as the default for that country. If you are using tracking ids then you can supply them in in place of the associates id.
  3. You specify which country the results should come from by using the 'country' option in the Amazon shortcode. For example: {amazonWS: itemId=0749574852; country=com}. If you are using the Amazon Product editor button then this will be inserted for you.

You will see that there are two further options on the Additional Countries tab: 'Filter By Country' and 'Country Selection'.

Filter by Countries Option

Suppose that you have two pieces of shortcode in your Joomla article, like this:

{amazonWS: itemId=0749574852; country=com} {amazonWS:itemId=0749574852;}

The 'filter by countries' option controls which of these is displayed. If you have the option set to 'no', results from both and will be displayed together. If you set to 'yes', and the visitor is in the UK they will see the UK results only; if they are in the US they will see the results only. If they are in another country they will see results for whichever of these is the default country.

The main advantage of country filtering is efficiency, it saves having to load results from both Amazon sites. Also it saves confusing the visitor by not showing them things that they are not eligible to buy.

Country Selection

The country select option controls how the system detects which country the visitor is in.

  • The default is 'User Can Select Country', which means that the visitor is at first assumed to be in the default country for your site, but they can change this using the Amazon country module.
  • 'Detect from IP Address', which means that the plugin attempts to detect this using the visitor's IP address (see below), but they can still change this using the Amazon country module
  • 'Show Default Country Only' is just useful if you are not showing multi-country results, it cuts out the need for the plugin to do any work detecting the country

Geolocation: How It Works

When a customer visits your site, their IP address is used to look up their country of origin, using the service at which includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from The Amazon Shopping Cart then uses this information with the data you supply, determine which Amazon site it should draw data from. Once this has been determined, the Amazon country information is stored in a cookie and in the user session, so this only needs to happen once per visit. The ASC extension will automatically show products from the selected country site to that visitor; if they add products to their cart, it will be a cart for the appropriate Amazon country.


By its nature, it is difficult to test how well the geolocation is working on your site. The only reliable way is look at your site in your own country, then get on a plane and fly to another country, clear all browser cookies and look at it again. Obviously you are not going to do that.

However you can use the Amazon country module to change the country results displayed.

The Amazon Country Module

We have also created a module called mod_country, which allows you to see what the results will look like in another country. You need to publish the module on your site, then you will see the available Amazon country sites listed in a select box. You must have at least one entry in the countries list to see an Amazon site listed in the select box. Just select a country to see how the products will look from that Amazon site. We think that the module is useful for testing, but also it will be useful for your customers if they want to see products from a different site. We do recommend its use, it is always a good idea to allow the customer a choice.


Geolocation is only as accurate as the IP address country data which it uses, which is the GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from It is generally fairly accurate, but is not perfect. There is literally nothing we can do about that, and we accept no responsibility for it if it is wrong.


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