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License (2)

**The Joomla!® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. Spiral Scripts is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.

All Joomla extensions on this site are licensed under the GPL.

We specialise in professional extensions for the Joomla!®** Content Management System. We have a variety of professional components, modules and plugins, also some products available for free download. These are simplified versions of the commercial products, but fully working. All our extensions are open-source.

Our customers include professional web designers and developers creating websites for their clients, as well as webmasters and website owners looking for well-designed extensions that will add something extra to their site.


About Our Joomla!®** Extensions

Virtuemart Featured Product Grid

This is an alternative to the Virtuemart featured products module. It allows you to display featured products in a grid gallery, with the scrolling display of additional images for the product.


Amazon Web Services Content Plugin

This plugin allows you to embed product information and a buy now link from Amazon directly into your Joomla!® article. The plugin can search Amazon using keywords related to your articles, to find the most suitable product. Your Amazon associates id can be embedded into the links, giving you a great way to monetize your Joomla!® articles.

Virtuemart special product image gallery. This component displays selected images for your Virtuemart Products as an image gallery - great for stores selling products with a stong visual element such as artwork and photography. This extension has been substantially updated recently, and now includes an HTML/javascript layout with image lightbox, as well as a Flash gallery. It now includes a content plugin, allowing you to embed a gallery of Virtuemart images directly into a Joomla! article.

Com jigsaw, is a Flash puzzle game component. It displays your images in a selected folder as a jigsaw puzzle. Great for websites aimed at children, but also surprisingly popular with adults too.

Random MP3 Pro

An MP3 player module that playes a random selection of mp3s from a specified folder. This popular module has often been used to simulate online radio. The player can also be used as a content plugin, allowing it to be embedded directly into Joomla!® content articles - great for podcasting and similar applications.

Featured Items Pro

Featured Items Pro is a highly versatile articles module for Joomla!® 1.5 that allows you to feature excerpts from your choice of articles, displayed using a variety of layouts.

Featured Items Carousel

Featured Items Carousel is a similar type of module, also for Joomla!® 1.5, but it displays the articles or thumbnails as a carousel. It not only looks really cool, but is a great space-saver.

Mod Mail This Page

This allows a site visitor to mail the URL of the current page to a friend - a great viral marketing tool.

Mod Transitions

This module applies Internet Explorer page transitions to any or all pages of your Joomla site.



**The Joomla!® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. Inspiration Web Design is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.


Support Forum

Joomla Tips

Replacing Virtuemart Product Images

This article explains how to replace your Virtuemart 3 product images with the Spiral image zoomer plugin, by adding a simple edit to the product details... Read more..

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Nasty Trap Lurking Within Joomla JFile Class

I am glad to say that this article is now out of date, because a fix for the issue described has now been included in releases 3.3.0, 3.2.4 and 2.5.20... Read more..

Using the Joomla color picker form field

color-pickerSince version 2.5.0 Joomla has its own built-in color picker parameter type which can be used in the admin interface for components, modules and plugins.... Read more..

Browser Detection in Joomla 3

It is often the case that as web developers we need to add some extra coding that will deal with the quirks of particular web browsers . Using Joomla we... Read more..